Today's focus: NetQoS making strides in application flow mgmt.

By Dennis Drogseth

Vendors with interrelated, flow-based technology foundations are
moving beyond specific, narrow niches to provide more
full-fledged suites. For instance, many vendors are beginning to
combine packet and protocol analysis (targeted at performance
management) with pair-based flow analysis (more focused on
volume and consumption), with basic SNMP statistics for
component-oriented analysis.

NetQoS is one of these vendors. It supplemented application
response analysis in SuperAgent with NetFlow-based capacity and
optimization capabilities in Reporter Analyzer, and supplemented
its SNMP device monitoring with the acquisition of RedPoint in
April. NetQoS also introduced a chargeback capability that
leverages its NetFlow monitoring.

More recently, NetQoS introduced Performance Center, a Web-based
management portal that's offered as a free extension to its
products. Performance Center offers executive-level, role-based
views, and views supporting core network operations, where in
the past its products have been used primarily by network
engineers and planners. Performance Center also provides native
integration across the NetQoS portfolio, as well as potentially
with third-party software. The latter can integrate through Web
services-based calls for bi-directional GUI access.

In an overall enterprise management market that is growing
barely above 10% annually (which is still healthy growth),
NetQoS shot up well over 100% year to year, and did so with
established profitability and a company size approaching the
mid-tier range. (It was founded in March 1999.)

One reason for its success is its focus on pragmatic, scalable
and deployable products. NetQoS doesn't aim to do everything.
Its design point has always been on focused data gathering for
focused uses. On the other hand, NetQoS has innovated in areas
where context and efficiency count, such as using the
type-of-service bit and other capabilities for application
identification in ReporterAnalyzer, and application-to-network
performance triage in SuperAgent. Most customers and users,
needless to say, like this combination of pragmatism and

NetQoS should do well as it grows its feature set to support a
more complex matrix of roles and monitoring choices. NetQoS
still has a way to go in capturing true executive requirements,
but it gets high marks for being responsive to customers, which
should serve it well in charting its next steps. It's certainly
worth considering NetQoS if you're interested in
application-to-network performance and optimization issues and
want real value without having to boil the ocean.

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