Today's focus:  AlterPoint releases DeviceAuthority Suite 3.5

By Dave Kearns

I was chatting with some folks from AlterPoint last week about
the new release of DeviceAuthority Suite (Version 3.5). This has
long been one of the premiere network (as in switches, routers,
etc.) change management packages available and the new version
incorporates some really nifty enhancements.

David Williams AlterPoint vice president of marketing, Ryan
Shopp senior director, product management and product strategy
and Dana Marruffo, PR goddess were intent on driving home to me
how successful 2004 had been for the company and how much better
2005 would be, especially with the introduction of Version 3.5
of DeviceAuthority. Shopp, in particular, wanted to emphasize
the product integrations that the company has achieved with both
previous versions as well as the current one. Out of the box,
DeviceAuthority will interoperate with hardware and software
from: HP, Cisco, IBM Tivoli, BMC, and SecureElements. But the
one that intrigued me the most was the integration with

Configuresoft, faithful readers will remember, is the vendor of
Enterprise Configuration Manager - one of my favorite tools for
managing Windows servers and clients. By tightly integrating
DeviceAuthority Suite 3.5 with Enterprise Configuration Manager,
the two companies have given Windows network managers the tools
to monitor and control all of the users, applications, services
and hardware on their network from one standard console.

The latest version of Enterprise Configuration Manager (which I
talked about last fall -
<http://www.nwfusion.com/newsletters/nt/2004/1011nt1.html> ) is
described by the company as "a comprehensive configuration
management solution that ensures operational compliance to
standards and best-practice guidelines throughout a computing
infrastructure." Standards compliance and best practice
guidelines, it may not surprise you to learn, are also the main
thrust of the improvements in DeviceAuthority 3.5. So much so,
that AlterPoint is now changing the category from network change
management to NCCM (Network Change and Compliance Management).

I talk about standards compliance a lot in the identity
management newsletter, because legally mandated standards such
as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
(HIPAA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) all
mandate a high degree of knowing who (identity) did what, when
they did it, why they did it and what data they did it to.
Simply monitoring identity management, though, doesn't satisfy
the various regulations' terms. For that you need to audit all
sorts of things happening on your servers, desktops, routers,
switches - pretty much everything that happens on your network.

Enterprise Configuration Manager handles your servers and
desktops and now the DeviceAuthority Suite can handle your
network hardware and the rules and policies needed to enforce
regulatory compliance in all devices. Head over to
<http://www.alterpoint.com/solutions/compliance.html> to learn
everything AlterPoint can do for you in terms of compliance.

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