Mark Minasi: "Enable Vista Admin From Command Line"

Mark Minasi sent me the following: "Hey Stu -- I may be missing something, but you can enable the Administrator in Vista with one line from an elevated command line. The command line rules!

net user administrator Somecomplexp@ssword /active:yes

I've just never understood the hullabaloo about the Admin account in Vista, inasmuch as it's basically unnecessary. I've been running builds 5472, 5536 and now RC1 and never had a need to enable it. User Account Control is an excellent idea for 98 percent of the Windows users; the problem is that the other two percent -- the techies who should be evangelizing it so they won't have to spend hours scouring spyware off the computers of friends and family members -- are so busy whining about its inconvenience that no one seems to know of its strengths."

Thanks Mark! Stu

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