Windows 2000 Pro UPDATE July 13, 2000

Because Window 2000 Pro UPDATE provides news for end users, I want to start with some news of more immediate interest. As soon as you finish reading this newsletter, browse to

http://msdn.microsoft.com/compatibility/ and download a Win2K compatibility kit. The kit contains an updated version of the application compatibility tool that ships in the Win2K distribution CD- ROM's Support directory, along with additional tools and documentation.

The upshot: If you have a problem running an application on Win2K, this kit helps you diagnose the problem and maybe even fix it. Developers can use the tools to determine why a program fails, and IS administrators can actually deploy compatibility patches using the kit.

It's a cool toolkit and only a 1.2MB download.

At PDC, I've learned about an undocumented Win2K feature related to compatibility: local DLLs. If you run into a situation where an application requires a particular DLL version, try the following procedure:

1. Copy the DLL(s) in question into the same directory as your application.

2. Create an empty text file using Notepad. Save it with the name: <app>.exe.local (replace <app> with the name of the .exe file for your program)

Run the program as usual. The dummy <app>.exe.local file acts as a flag and causes Win2K to load the copy of the DLL from the local directory instead of from the Windows/System32 directory tree.

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