Jerry Pournelle - Byte 7/10/00

Windows 98 Installation

The simplest way to install Windows 98 is to boot up from the installation CD,
but that may not be possible. Not all installation CD's will boot, for that
matter. You may have to boot from a floppy.

Any Windows 98 machine will make a startup disk. Go to
Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs - Startup Disk. This will
create a bootable floppy that has CD-ROM support and most of
the programs you need to install Windows 98. Alas, it leaves off
some of the most important programs.

In these days of cheap big disks, there's no reason not to put all
of the Windows CD on your hard disk and install from there.
Windows will then look for any additional files it needs in the
directory it's installed from, and you'll never find yourself hunting
up your installation disk because you've added new hardware. In
my case, I boot with the startup floppy, use fdisk to partition and
format the hard disk, and sys to install the bootup system tracks.
Then I boot from the hard disk, create the directory
Windows\Options\Cabs, and use xcopy /s to copy the Windows
98 installation CD to that directory.

Unfortunately, when you make the startup disk, Windows 98
doesn't put xcopy, format, or sys onto it. You have to do that
yourself. All of these are found in the Windows\Command
directory. You can manually copy the files to your new startup
disk. Alternatively, you can copy those files to
Windows\Command\ESD, and after that they'll automatically be
copied onto your Emergency Startup Disk.

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