Clearwell adds filtering capabilities to e-discovery platform
Clearwell E-Discovery Platform 3.0 de-duplicates information across the data set
Storage Alert Newsletter By Deni Connor, Network World, 01/29/08

Clearwell Systems this week unveiled enhancements to its e-discovery product that will help organizations more effectively handle legal, regulatory and compliance requirements. Updates to the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform include the ability for users to filter information by custodian, domain, organization, group, internal or external communication, and by file type. Users can cull irrelevant documents or those that were erroneously identified.

The Clearwell E-Discovery Platform 3.0 consists of software-based appliances, which can be clustered and managed centrally, to give greater scalability. Each appliance uses a 64-bit architecture, affording simultaneous management of multiple cases.

The software on the appliance now de-duplicates information across the data set to reduce the workload. Users can re-duplicate data if necessary.

Further the new software allows advanced case management capabilities, including the assignment of cases to different reviewers. The software also now supports as many as 400 document types, including Lotus Notes NSF, Microsoft PST and Adobe PDF.

In unveiling the enhancements, Clearwell also announced a stronger relationship with HPs Integrated Archive Platform and Symantec Enterprise Vault.

Clearwell claims that a customer can deploy the software-based appliance in less than 25 minutes, enjoy an average cost reduction of eight to nine times, and receive a payback within four weeks.

The appliance is priced on the amount of data analyzed. An appliance that could analyze 100GB of data for instance, would start at $65,000.

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