E-discovery vendors reveal product enhancements at LegalTech trade show
Announcements by Fios, PSS Systems, Kazeon, AXS-One and RenewData
Storage Alert Newsletter By Deni Connor, Network World, 02/12/08

E-discovery was front and center at LegalTech in New York City last week. Some 15,000 visitors attended the trade show, where Fios, PSS Systems, Kazeon, AXS-One and RenewData unveiled additions to their e-discovery services.

Fios unveiled two e-discovery services and enhancements to its Prevail software to help companies manage the discovery of electronically stored information (ESI). Its Information Governance for E-Discovery Consulting Service offers assessment, analysis and planning so that customers can better understand their ESI. The new service helps clients reduce the overall cost and burden of discovery and incorporates proven governance practices so ESI can be managed as a strategic asset (Compare Network Auditing and Compliance products).

Fios consultants work with clients to help them better understand how ESI is created and managed throughout the organization, so that ESI can be easily identified, preserved and collected for e-discovery. The company has also introduced on-site project management support and a custodian tracking service to streamline review workflows for clients faced with long-term, complex litigation.

PSS Systems, a vendor that specializes in legal hold and retention management software, launched a module called the Policy Enforcement Services module, which enables legal and compliance staff to establish and enforce legal holds, discovery collections and retention schedules from within their Web browsers. The module is part of the Atlas suite.

Kazeon Systems announced the availability of two new services - Early Case and Risk Assessment Services - which are proactive and help legal and IT departments to reduce the time it takes to retrieve information and provides enterprises with a clear view into their potential risks. With the services, companies can evaluate legal matters, risk levels and risk factors and automate business processes.

AXS-One and RenewData also introduced a proactive software and services combination that will let customers prepare for litigation by letting them manage ESI. With AXS-Ones software, customers can identify, analyze, collect, archive, preserve, cull, review, produce and destroy data. RenewDatas service allows customers to collect, extract and process historical data and backup tapes.

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