EMC Launches New Storage Software

EMC has released new storage management software for small and
midsized organizations that want to simplify and automate their
network storage environments. Part of the company's Visual family of
software, the EMC VisualSRM and EMC VisualSAN solutions feature
centralized management capabilities, capacity utilization
improvements, and the ability to automate Storage Resource Management
(SRM) and Storage Area Network (SAN) management tasks.

EMC VisualSRM provides file-level reporting and supports Microsoft
Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase databases. The
company designed the product to easily integrate into application
frameworks from BMC Software, Computer Associates (CA), IBM, HP, and
VERITAS Software. VisualSRM lets storage administrators track and
enforce capacity utilization and policy configuration for moving,
deleting, compressing, and archiving files according to date
thresholds and category-based storage management.

EMC VisualSAN provides an interface that gives administrators
information about storage devices across their networks. The product
includes three modules: Visual Network Management, VisualSAN
Configuration Management, and VisualSAN Performance Management. Visual
Network Management monitors SAN devices and integrates the other
modules. VisualSAN Configuration Manager reports storage system
configuration changes. VisualSAN Performance Manager shows live and
historical analysis of link statistics across a SAN. The product is
designed for open SAN management and supports EMC CLARiiON. The
company has pledged to support the upcoming Storage Management
Initiative Specification (SMI-S) in VisualSAN after the specification
is finalized.

Both products are available now. VisualSRM starts at $2000, and
VisualSAN starts at $6000.

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