Ride Report and Pictures
Bicycle Trails Council Group Ride- "The 4 Bumps"
Ride Leaders: Danny Forer, Joe Ibis

Of course, I was not the first person to think of climbing the 4 highest
peaks in Marin in one day. (In size order: Tam, Big Rock, Pine Mtn and Loma
Alta). The Forest Knolls Freewheelers, a small mtn bike club, with some of
the strongest long distance riders in the area, have done the ride twice.
And, I am reasonably sure, a bunch other riders have done it as well. But I
think the ride that I co-lead this past Sunday, for BTCEB, listed as "The 4
Bumps Ride", was the first publicly announce, one day ride up these peaks,
open to anyone who had nothing better to do than ride all day.

There were 20 riders at the start, 18 men and 2 women. The majority of the
riders were Coast Range Riders (Briones, Wednesday evenings). Thad, a long
time member (and fastest rider) was moving out of the country, and this was
a good-bye ride for him. Only 4 riders were from Marin, but, percentage wise
they did the best, with 50% of them doing all four peaks.

Joe Ibis, Rob and I, have been debating, arguing, modifying, and changing
the proposed route for a few weeks. We were all in agreement that this would
be a tough ride, no matter how we did it, so we wanted a route that would be
the least difficult possible, but not include any pavement climbs. I also
felt strongly that we should do Loma Alta and Big Rock first, as they were
both South facing climbs, and I wanted to avoid the heat of the afternoon.

That plan worked well. Actually too well, as the top of Big Rock was fuckin'
cold, in the wind and the fog. After climbing the two first bumps, we
descended back down Big Rock trail (one of the most fun downhills in Marin),
and went back to cars in Deer Park for lunch.

It was just noon, and after lunch, there was major balkanization. A bunch of
riders called it a day. Another group went to do a loop of Tamarancho. John
Boeschen set out, solo, to climb Pine Mtn and Tam, and the tandem (Owen and
Kathy) went to summit Mt. Tam.

A group of six of us- Joe Ibis, Rob, Mark, Jordan, Sean, and I, went to
Tamarancho, to climb slowly up to San Geronimo ridge, and from there to the
summit of Pine Mtn (3rd highest peak).

Jordon, a high school student from the East Bay, was starting to feel tired
from the climbing, and talked about bailing, but he got a second wind, and
he, along with Mark and Sean pulled ahead of our group of 3, on the climb up
Tam. As we were climbing Tam we came across the tandem, near the bottom, and
they were feeling good about completing their 3 bumps ride. Maybe the only
tandem ever to do that ride(?).

About half way up Eldridge (at Indian Fire Road) we meet John Boeschen
(KOM-King of the Mountain) on his way down from the top. He did the
afternoon solo, saying that the climb up from the Camp to San Geronimo ridge
was the hardest part of the day, for him, but mostly he felt good on the
ride. John, as usual, showed me what an amazing rider he is. For me, and
most people, to do these long rides comfortably, I have to go slow in the
beginning. John, on the other hand, can not only go long, but also was in
the very fastest group in the beginning of the ride, hammering up Big Rock,
with guys who had dropped out hours ago.

Very close to the summit, we met the group of three ahead of us, as they we
descending down. They had gotten tired of waiting for us, and actually asked
if we were ok, assuming we had a mechanical or a bonk. No way! We were just
taking our time, stopping for safety breaks, taking pictures, and savoring
the end of the ride. Actually, the 3 of us felt much better than we guessed
we would feel at this point in the ride.

We had snacks at the East Peak parking lot, had a tourist take our picture
with 4 fingers raised, and then climbed up West Peak. Since West Peak is
actually the second tallest peak, Rob wanted to claim we did the 5 bump
ride, but not a chance. Tam is all counted as 1. I think that Mt. Burdell
(Novato) is really bump number 5, and maybe, just maybe, next year we will
do the real 5 bump ride.

After a hot tub and shower at a friends house in Fairfax, we had a
celebratory meal, with wine, and desserts for everyone.

Our Stats:
10.5 hours elapse time, 55 miles, 8,100 of climbing, 7.5 hours of riding

4 Bumps: John Boeschen, Sean Benward, Mark Marrama, Jordan Carelli, Joe
Ibis, Rob Nowlain, Danny Forer

3 Bumps: Owen and Kathy on a Tandem

2 Bumps Plus: Insane Wayne, Greg Gardiner, Rip Talavera, Bill Oldham, Jim
Treul, Bob Mammon, Dave Wolden, Eddie Pledger, Julio Chacon, Thad Edens,

For pics go to: http://homepage.mac.com/d4er/PhotoAlbum66.html

Danny Forer
August 2004

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