I think characterizing "Mt Diablo" as having one characteristic (like
not rideable in wet weather) is oversimplifying. We ride Mt Diablo
every weekend rain or shine. From the west side, (Northgate or
Southgate), its difficult after rains up to about 2000 ft. summit trail
from the helipad (2000ft sign on Southgate), is perfect even in
deluges, up to the road below Juniper. From that road junction up,
there are no legal trails, though they are bone dry and hikeable, so
the weather does not determine what is feasible above 3000 ft.
Starting again at the bottom, if you go up Diablo road to "Diablo
lakes" ... the bottom of Dan Cook, you will find that except for a
short muddy section at the bottom, Dan Cook is rideable within a day of
a major storm. Its only the single-track access to Dan Cook from the
Southgate road that is muddy. And the section of summit trail from the
top of Dan Cook to Curry Pt. is a bog in and after rains. The worst of
course is Pine Canyon and Barbecue they take weeks to dry out.
Finally, Mitchell Canyon from Clayton up to Juniper is very rideable
in all weather, but you will get a muddy bike getting through the flats
at the start.

Another little secret is that the trail from Juniper down Burma to
Mothers and 59-9 is even better in wet weather than dry, and Angel
Curly, connecting 59-9 to the Northgate road at the ranch is perfect as
well. Warning, there are ruts on Mothers, but even a doofus like me can
get through this section.

Bill Oldham
Feb 24, 2005

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