Pete Fagerlin - Feb 23, 2008

Better yet drive the 45 minutes to an hour and ride the best of the bay
(IMO of course), Oat Hill. It's weather proof as well.

Erik Johnson - Feb 22, 2008

I have to agree with him on his general description of winter riding destinations. I did a ride a couple Saturdays back in torrential downpour and we had an absolute blast. Fuel up on caffeine at Peets in MV, then head out Blithedale and up Railroad (If you're a true masochist, climb Blithedale Ridge in that sloppy wetness, then cut over to Railroad on Hoo Koo) and Summit. Descend Railroad to West Point, then drop Coast View to Muir Beach. If you're still feeling spry when you hit Hwy 1, take the stairs down. Drop into the Pelican for a quick warm up before slogging and suffering your way up Green Gulch and back down to town for lunch at Joe's Taco Lounge. They do a killer stuffed poblano, and, yeah you're gonna pull my man-card for saying this, but an unbelieveable tofu tostada.

If you feel yourself wimping out early, drop Railroad rather than Coast View and soak in some sweet sips of singletrack on Tenderfoot and be scarfing down at Joe's in a fraction of the time it takes to do the full ride.

Eric Muhler - Feb 22, 2008

While RR Grade is the most boring fire road in the County, it is generally in excellent condition after four days of steady
downpour. As with all Marin trails, they contain vastly more amounts of rock and vastly less amounts of adobe, the death mud to mountain
biking. Eldridge is a vastly more fun trail to my way of riding with the highest rock content of almost any trail except Shit Hill and Rock
& Roll High school on San Geronimo. Most of Pine Mountain Loop is perfectly safe from mud attack even during a downpour. Tamarancho, of
course, is relatively bog free all Winter and the connecting trails up to San Geronimo Ridge and down to Loma Alta are all excellent. Loma
and Big Rock Ridge are all easily negotiable in a continuing downpour, and so is Solstice for one way out. A very nice 22 mile ride is to go
up Loma, down Solstice, return to Fairfax by pavement and then do a Tamarancho Loop. In Marin, trail riding in Winter is almost never a
question of where to ride, because it is ALL doable. It is much more important to worry about what to wear in the rain with all the
significant long climbs and fast descents requiring various layers of wool, rain wear, good pack coverage, protection for GPS and/or
speedometer equipment, etc.

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