Joshua Tree
March 21-24 (Phillip)

Stricter Quits, 5.7 Bail, P (not 5.7, run out)
Double Dip, 5.6 L, P (way run out, harder than rated, but fun)

Chips Ahoy, 5.7 TR (went off route), P
Wild East, 5.9 Bail (TR between Chips and Wild, Wild seems to be missing footholds), P
Horny Corner, 5.9 TR, P
RML, 5.9 only P TR

Duchess, 5.6 L (bypassed upper overhang), P (excellent except for overhang)
The Mikado, 5.6 L, P (stout for the grade, but excellent)

White Lightning, 5.7 L, P (way excellent)
Poodles Are People Too, 5.10b TR (excellent if not led - dicey pro)

late Oct 2007 (Susan W, Mike, Tiff)

Owens River Gorge
5/30/2004 (Mike J, Susan)
Welcome to the Gorge, 5.9 L, MJ, S
Clip Jr, 5.6 F, MJ, S

Cobbler's Delight, 5.9 L, MJ, S
Pippy the Zenhead, 5.9 L, MJ, S
Giveaway, 5.9 L, MJ, S

2004 (Mike J, Susan)
Cinderella, 5.8 F, MJ

September, 1999

Mike Jefferson
Rick Booth

Day 1
Couple of things at Wall Street

Indian Creek Canyon

Day 4
Generic Crack, 5.10a F MJ, RB
Binot’s Crack, 5.9 F MJ, RB
Elephant Man, 5.10b L MJ, RB

Day 5
Super Crack, 5.10c F MJ, RB

Day 6
Pistol Packing Wall
Coyne Crack Simulator, 5.11a, L RB
Something? 5.10b F RB

Day 7
Pente, 5.11a L RB

Day 8
Castleton Spire
NW Chimney , 5.9 L/F RB

Bishop’s Terrace, 5.8 L/F MJ
Highway Star, 5.10a F MJ
Harry Daley, 5.8 F MJ
Sunnyside Jam, 5.9 F/L MJ
Bummer/Lazy Bum, 5.10d TR MJ
S Flank of Daff ?, 5.8 F MJ

Joshua Tree
November 22-26, 2000

Mike Jefferson
Phillip Fanchon
Peggy Lee
Colleen McKiernan

Nov 22
The Flake, 5.8 F MJ
Dogleg , 5.8+ L MJ

Nov 23
The Damper, 5.9 F MJ
Pinched Rib, 5.10b TR MJ, PF
Touch and Go L MJ, PF, PL, CM
Stick to What F MJ, PF, PL, CM

Nov 24
Another Crack From LA, 5.9 F MJ, PF, PL, CM
Dung Fu, 5.7 PL, CM
White Lightning, 5.7 MJ, PF, PL, CM

Nov 25
Toe Jam, 5.7 F MJ, PF
Papa Woolsey, 5.10b L MJ, PF

Joshua Tree
Dec 28 – Jan 1, 2000/2001

Mike Jefferson

Dec 29
Dung Fu, 5.7 F MJ
Overseer, 5,9 F MJ
Poodles are People Too, 5.10b TR MJ

Dec 30
Direct South Face, 5.9+ L MJ

Dec 31
Continuum, 5.8 F MJ
Invisibility Lessons, 5.9 TR MJ
Thumbs Down Left, 5.9 F MJ

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